• Small wastewater treatment plants
  • Small water treatment plants
  • Mining Industry
  • Food & Beverage


  • Positioning of specifically designed feed ports for optimum ratio between clarification and thickening area
  • Wide spacing of inclined plates to handle high density feed pulps and coarse solid particles
  • Integrated flocculator with variable speed stirrer
  • High level installation for gravity feed to downstream processes
  • Delivered as a one-piece unit or in prefabricated sections
  • Smaller foundations and less floor space needed which facilitates lower installation costs
  • Square outline for easier planning and construction
  • Can be installed in any system and is easy to relocate to adapt to process changes gives flexibility for plant extensions
  • Easily insulated against heat loss or toxic fume emissions
  • Minimal evaporative losses
  • Special materials and coatings can easily be incorporated
  • Easy to maintain


A Lamella Plate Settler uses parallel inclined plates to minimize floor area occupation. The size and cost of the settler can be reduced by matching the thickening and clarifying requirements more closely. Two basic criteria for gravity settling equipment to be met are sufficient clarity of the overflow liquid and maximum density of the underflow solids discharge. The area needed to clarify a suspension is often greater than that needed for thickening. This means that in a cylindrical thickening tank, the lower section with rakes and drive mechanisms can be oversized.

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